Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vehicles and spaceships

Sandship kit bash
Hotwheels inspired car

John Berkey inspired water vehicle

Mars Attacks! invasion saucer with earth penetrating drill.

G.I. Joe inspired Cobra assault vehicle

Ancient Mayan carriage

Bastet Temple progress

Bastet Temple 

The goddess Bastet is destined to seek out and destroy the snake god Apophis aka Apep. The temple trains hunters and large cats to go through out the world in search of the god. The hunters are adorned with magical armor tattoos and the eye of Ra on their eye. This tattoo allows the hunters to see the spirit realm and creatures that live there (a much needed magical augment since Apophis resides in the underworld).

In each of the different zones the player will encounter are tribute gods and goddesses. the player will be exploring the realms/ruins of the gods Bastet, Amun-re, Nut and Geb, and Apophis. 

Here are iterations of the Bastet temple isometric view and facade layout with callouts.

Amun ruins

comp. thumbnails
first composition pass

first color pass

Final Painting
City of Nut-Geb

Desert city of Nut-Geb iterations. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Temple of Bastet

I am working on a personal project creating the Egyptian temple of the cat goddess Bastet.
reference/ style sheet